Deep Summer

Crankworx Deep Summer

August 2015


stephen-o sin-9227

amanda and lacy joy ride-2120

micro climate creek bluw-1208

glacier outlook-2659

original sin trail thru mossy trees from above-9237

seth big roll-1889

adam huck to flat-3359


hairy ape-20150809-

micro climate-20150809-1166-3



Daniel Sapp | Whistler. BC

“This year the emphasis has been on breaking the mould and making photographers push themselves to get under the veil and present the true story of Whistler. We’ve selected some truly expressive and artistic shooters to come to Whistler and interpret what a thousand people have done before them… The photographers will have to really think hard about how they express themselves and challenge their capabilities.” – Seb Kemp, Deep Summer organizer